Brushless DC motor EC-4pole 32 HD with planetary gearhead

Heavy Duty 480W DC gear motor capable of operating at 200°C, 100G, -5km and 1677 atmospheres.

Joining the award winning 22mm heavy duty brushless DC motor and gearbox range, is the new 32mm four pole HD motor and gearhead. The gear motor combination is designed for use in the harshest environments from subsea drilling to mining.

This new brushless gearmotor solution is intended for application environments that expose the gearmotor to extreme temperature fluctuations, shock and vibrations or even in ultra-high vacuum. Making them a sought after gearmotor solution for hazardous area robotics, in close proximity to large combustion engines or gas turbines.

The 32mm heavy duty brushless gearmotors are produced in two forms. The first is a version with special motor modifications that allow the motor and gearbox to be used completely submerged in oil. When this gearmotor is run in hydraulic oil the heat dissipation is greatly improved achieving a power rating of 480Watts. The second type is for use in normal atmospheres and with this standard convection cooling can achieve a power rating of 220Watts although the continuous rating of the motor can be closely monitored and evaluated by maxon motor engineers during product implementation. For example: The motor can be operated with ambient temperatures over 200°C and a de-rating scale can be applied for various conditions. These powerful gearmotors can handle incredibly high pressures, 25 grms vibrations and 1000G impacts. The gearmotors run with efficiencies up to 89% with zero cogging making them easy to control and suitable for remote solar or battery powered applications.

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