Perfect for low torques

Spur gearheads are suitable for low torques. The gearheads consist of one or more stages. One stage represents the pairing of two cogwheels. The first toothed gear (pinion) is mounted directly on the motor shaft. The bearing of the output shaft is usually made of sintered materials.

Properties of the maxon spur gearhead:

  • Economically priced
  • For low torques
  • Output torque up to 2 Nm
  • Reduction ratios from 6:1 to 5752:1
  • Low noise
  • High efficiency

Other maxon precision gearheads

Planetary Gearheads (GP)

Compact and efficient gearheads with torque ratings to 120Nm. 

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High torque planetary gearboxes for DC motors
Spur Gearheads (GS)

Motor speed reduction spur gearheads with a high efficiency and very low noise levels. 

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Compact and cost effective spur reduction gearboxes
Spindle Drives (GP S)

Integrated thrust block for ease of installation and high forces. Metric threads, trapezoidal threads and Ball Screws. 

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Linear motion with planetary gear reductions
GPX Planetary Gearheads

GPX planetary gearheads can be customised to suit your application. Laser weld construction and assembly with your DCX motor. 

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Customisable planetary gearbox with high torque and efficiency