maxon motor covers 100 percent of energy usage through renewable systems

According to maxon Environmental Officer, Olaf Karkoska, 92% of energy comes from hydroelectric power and 8% through photovoltaics

  • A bird’s-eye view shows the large photovoltaic installations covering the roof of the HQ buildings

A bird’s-eye view shows the large photovoltaic installations covering the roof of the HQ buildings. Photo-voltaic systems generate environmentally friendly energy both at Sachseln and at the production site in Sexau, Germany. The energy is used for production purposes, as part of maxon’s environmental management system. In 2016, 354,400 kWh were generated from pure solar energy at the headquarters. As a comparison, a typical household will consume approximately 3500 kWh of power annually.

Maxon is currently building their Innovation Centre ( and incorporating solar panels on the roof. This translates to another 180,000 kWh of renewable power annually. Last year, maxon needed 4.5 GWh of power at the headquarters, that equals approx. 5000 lightbulbs that are on continuously every day of the year. In light of this, maxon replaces fluorescent tubes with LED technology, to further reduce energy consumption. The solar systems are part of a long list of measures that are consistently implemented within the maxon group. This includes the use of two groundwater wells that provide most of the energy required for heating, cooling and ventilation. As well, at all production sites, chemicals are replaced with environmentally compatible products wherever possible.

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